Laura Peregrine

4.93 (7 reviews)
1455 Pittwater rd, Narrabeen, NSW, 2101

Providing Pilates treatment for neck, back and joint pain, postural improvement,  pre & post pregnancy, general conditioning & sport rehabilitation. Individual and small group sessions available. 


I'm an older woman who had sought Laura's help with a knee that threatened the cancellation an overseas holiday. That achieved, I then joined her Pilates class. Her emphasis on strengthening muscles to avert hip & knee damage is invaluable. Her classes are most enlightening. 

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Fabulous instructor, encouraging, caring and very skilled.

Laura is my physio as well as my Pilates instructor. I have a nerve condition which results in muscle wasting. Laura suggested try Pilates as part of my treatment program and I haven't looked back. My core strength has improved, my pelvis is more stable and my doctors are impressed with the results. My success is directly related to Laura's care and skill in selecting to best exercises to achieve the desired result for me.

Laura's classes are usually a smaller group and Laura is very aware of each participants physical limitations and is happy to modify the exercises to suit. The atmosphere in the classes is friendly and encouraging and I always look forward to my Monday night class :-)

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I love my Pilates class.

Laura is my Physio and my wonderful Pilates teacher and I don't think I would still be upright without her!!!

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Laura is both my Pilates teacher and my Physio and has been for many years. I wouldn't see anyone else but Laura as she is very understanding, listens, cares and I trust her knowledge!

I always feel nice and stretched after doing Laura's Pilates class.

I would recommend Laura to anyone.


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Wonderful class!

Thank you so much for your help with my lower back pain.

I am new to Pilates and find that I get a lot of help and support from Laura.

Laura shows a lot of care and attention to detail with each of us in the class focusing importantly on the personal needs of each lady.

I look forward to continuing with the class.

Thanks again Laura



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Fabulous Class with Laura!

Pilates with Laura on Thursdays is not a chore.  Its a fun class!!!

There are just six of us and the class is based solely on core and strengthening exercises.  As it is a small group Laura is able to observe that we are all doing the exercises correctly which is something that is particularly important to me as prior to joining Laura's class I attended a much larger pilates class at a local gym and sadly I ended up in pain as I damaged my back whilst trying to follow the exercises :(

I love doing pilates with Laura!!!

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A Great Physio

I love my Pilates classes with Laura!  A small friendly group of us get together each week for a class.  Laura is kind and encouraging and  leads each class demonstrating and watching  class members to ensure they don't make moves that could cause personal injury.  Highly recommended!

Jenie C

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