Sumi Hebbes (APPI Certified)

105/24-30 Springfield Avenue, Potts Point

Hi! I'm Sumi - Clinical Pilates Instructor and Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist.

I'm an outdoors lover and believe keeping active, eating well and taking time to understand and care for yourself are the keys to a healthy, strong and happy life.

It all started with a fascination of how the human body works. This inspired me to study Anatomy & Physiology (2002) and then years down the track Massage Therapy (2009). With the desire to maintain a healthy work life balance, I decided to utilise my Massage Therapy knowledge to not only help myself unwind but also friends and family. My involvement with the Bondi Boardriders surfing community, training and working with triathlon, running and cycling clubs has developed my Massage Therapy practice and guided it to be sports orientated.

In 2012 as a student myself in a Clinical Pilates class I stumbled across the APPI Clinical Pilates teaching method. I was learning correct muscle activation to prevent myself from further damaging my knee so that I could continue to run. It worked! I ran my first Sydney Half Marathon in 1:58:05 and injury free!

As a Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist, I treat many clients for injury prevention or as part of their injury rehabilitation, and so from my experience with Clinical Pilates and rehabilitation it made sense  that I would take the next step  in developing my skills  to learn more about what it was that helped me so that I could further help my clients. I benefitted so much from the way my Clinical Pilates teachers taught me and I knew I wanted to learn what they knew - which was the APPI Clinical Pilates method.  The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) have taken the traditional Pilates exercises developed by Joseph Pilates and modified each of them for safer use in both a rehabilitaion and high level athletic environment.

As a lover of sports and all things athletic, Clinical Pilates has absolutely changed my life. I am a stronger runner, cyclist and swimmer all because of Clinical Pilates. My spine and joints are all in good health and despite being 5ft tall, I feel a foot taller from the postural awareness that Clinical Pilates has given me.  I'm injury free, and I intend to stay this way!

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I teach private lessons, lessons for 2 and small group classes (6-8 people).