Single leg press and variations

Single leg press and varations

Single leg press is a fantastic functional exercise to challenge lower limb strength, pelvic control and hip extension dissociation in standing. You can modify the start position to vary the challenge.  – start with light hand support from the foot bar as shown in the video  – remove the hand support once confidence increases.  Hands on… 

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Clinical Pilates for Post-Operative Rehabilitation


About the author: Sophie Halsall-McLennan is a Physiotherapist based in Drysdale and is the owner of Fresh Start Physiotherapy. She specialises in hand therapy and back pain treatment, and has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Charles Sturt Physiotherapy, over 12 years of clinical experience as a Physiotherapist and is registered with AHPRA. She is also… 

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Upper limb Pilates sequence with theraband

Try this simple sequence for a scapular stability and an upper limb focus in your Pilates classes with one of our favourite Pilates props, a simple piece of theraband. You can vary the resistance of the band to suit the needs of your clients. Standing on the middle of the band, so it’s well secured… 

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Cervicogenic Headaches and Pilates

APPI Swan Dive Level 1

Background The International Headache Society defines a cervicogenic headache (CGH) as “a headache caused by a disorder of the cervical spine”, involving the bony, disc and/or soft-tissue structures. Typical features include unilateral nature; a worsening of symptoms with neck movement, “sustained awkward head position, or external pressure over the upper cervical or occipital region on… 

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Foam Roller Moblity Sequence

foam roller moblity sequence

Lying on the foam roller is a favourite for many people. Spending a few minutes in your Pilates rest position on the roller can help stretch out your thoracic spine as well as challenge your centre having to remain still on this unstable surface. This sequence is a nice addition to a warm-up to stretch the pecs… 

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Matwork Pilates variations with the soft ball


The soft Pilates ball is a fantastic way to add variety to your mat Pilates sessions. In the video we show you a few variations to get you started with this versatile and inexpensive prop. Neck release: with your head supported on a soft Pilates ball (not fully inflated), lengthen the back of your neck… 

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Variations on the reformer

Variations on the reformer – by Sophie Contreras, Training & Education Manager Pilates teachers are always keen to learn variations of exercises – this is important knowledge to have in order to tailor your sessions to suit the individual needs of the client you are working with. If you are ever stuck for a variation, consider… 

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How is sitting really affecting your health?

APPI Pilates for Runners

While you are away from the office, enjoying the holiday period, make the most of not being desk bound and get moving! Although it’s tempting to sit back, relax and unwind after another busy year, we should be mindful of the harmful effects of our seated lives. Unfortunately, for many of us, sitting in front… 

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