APPI Certified Pilates Instructors

All Fully Qualified APPI Pilates Instructors have undergone comprehensive training with an internationally recognised Pilates Institute and successfully passed written and practical exams.

To become an APPI Certified Pilates Instructor you must hold a Physiotherapy (or equivalent health degree). This prerequisite means that your APPI Pilates Instructor has undergone degree level training in the field of allied health.

As part of their training your APPI Certified Pilates Instructor would have completed face-to-face hands on learning. This includes the participation of Pilates classes, assessment workshops, case study workshops, research reviews and lectures. Your instructor would have also completed home-based training including over 150 hours of self practice, practice teaching, research reviews and participation of classes. On top of this your instructor would have completed a written and practical examination.

Only APPI Certified Pilates Instructors are able to use the internationally recognised APPI Pilates Logo. This is to give you, the client the knowledge that your instructor has undergone their full training and passed all examinations.

APPI Certified Pilates Instructors are required to complete 8 hours of Pilates related CPD each year to continually update their knowledge and skills. Evidence must be supplied to us of their CPD and we recommend for instructors to use our free CPD tracker download. CPD hours can include the attendance of a face-to-face Pilates course/workshop and an online Pilates course/workshop.

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About the APPI Pilates Method
The Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) was founded in 1999 by Australian Physiotherapists Glenn and Elisa Withers. The APPI method presents the most current research relevant to Pilates and teaches a realistic framework of exercises to apply in the clinical setting. APPI Pilates Teacher Training courses are open to Physiotherapists and equivalent degree health therapists. The APPI curriculum has developed over the years to become one of the most comprehensive curriculum for any Pilates training organisation in the world. All APPI Pilates Teacher Training courses are written and delivered by qualified (or equivalent degree level) Physiotherapists. The Education Board meet quarterly to discuss new research and update content material. You can read more about the APPI on their website

Internationally Recognised
APPI Pilates Teacher Training courses are now delivered across 15 countries; Australia, New Zealand, USA, Brazil, UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Malta, Ireland, South Africa, Israel, Norway.

APPI Pilates DVD’s
The APPI Pilates DVD range has been deigned and is delivered by fully qualified Physiotherapists and APPI Pilates Instructors. Each DVD focuses on safe and effective Pilates exercises to challenge balance, mobility, stability and posture.

  • APPI Low Pack Pain
  • APPI Intermediate Matwork Pilates
  • APPI Advanced Matwork Pilates
  • APPI Pregnancy Pilates
  • APPI Healthy Bones
  • APPI HealthyHIT level 1 and 2
  • APPI Pilates Flow with the soft ball
  • APPI Intermediate Matwork with the weighted balls

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