Below is a snapshot of some of the Pilates products we have available via our online shop.
If you would like to make a bulk DVD order and receive a discount of up to 45% please contact us. Bulk order discounts can be found at the bottom of this page.

Pilates DVDs

Pilates Accessories

Pilates accessories

Pilates Mat

Cost: $20

Pilates accessories

Soft Pilates Ball

Cost: $15

Pilates accessories

Massage Ball

Cost: $19.50


Retail The APPI Pilates DVD Range At Your Practice!

Our full range of DVDs offers you the ability to facilitate your clients’ rehabilitation in their own homes. Offering your clients a relevant DVD to complement their sessions with you can help retention rates as patients feel motivated to continue self practice at home in between studio sessions, ultimately leading to faster improvement. This means less frustration for both of you as your students come back to you better than when they left you Attractive re-seller rates available when you purchase as little as 10 of one Pilates DVD title.

Integrating our DVDs into your Pilates syllabus can make learning more fun for clients and offers you an attractive and reliable additional revenue stream.

All DVDs are also available for private purchase. Enhance your skills whether you’re a Pilates teacher or a student at any level, or learn something specialised. Expecting a child? Running long distances? Wanting to strengthen your bones? We have a Pilates DVD to suit your needs.

DVDs are available at a reduced cost as part of a pack taking you through the basics or giving you a chance to really push yourself or your clients. Get an even steeper discount when buying in bulk and offer our complete range of DVDs!

The benefits of stocking APPI Pilates DVDs

There are many benefits to stocking the APPI range of products including:

  • 30% discount available when purchasing as few as 10 DVDs
  • 45% discount available when purchasing as few as 30 DVDs
  • Receive marketing support and materials
  • Incorporate a Pilates DVD or several into your client’s home program
  • Generate additional revenue for your practice
  • Enhance your skills and repertoire

We also offer a range of accessories and equipment for both private buyers and commercial retailers. All are made of the highest-quality material and – with regular use – will complement your skills or those of your clients greatly!

Contact us today to receive our retailer price list and add a whole complementary revenue stream to your business.